Review: Ratio and TwoFold WordPress Creative Theme

In the era of e-commerce development nowadays, having a website to promote is not something bizarre. Today I will present you two different themes in the Creative section, hopefully many of you will be interested in this. Ratio and TwoFold WordPress creative theme are two trending themes on this month. Both creative themes are attended to display designs, visual arts and meaningful blog posts to the readers and clients, yet they have considerable differences.


This review is based on the criteria of features and pricing to help you to choose the best theme for your website.



Firstly, I have to inform that both themes have responsive layouts, which means you do not have to worry about aesthetic losing when your products are displayed on different devices.  Both Ratio and TwoFold WordPress creative themes have a wide range of beautiful, detail demos for you to refer. Through these demos, we could see that the developers attached special importance to the designs. It has been proven that their descriptions tell so many details about the designs as well as the animation rather than the technical parameters like other themes. Well, it is easy to understand that the main clients purchasing these themes are artists one way or the other.


When you have the visual all done, then the text section is the next thing you need to care for. Besides showing images about the projects, products or designs, the developers also considered about the blog posts. Each theme has plenty of different blog layouts, and they all have their characteristic yet not the same.


TwoFold(left) and Ratio(right)

Both themes are ready with translation. Now the problem of not speaking the developer’s language is gone completely. Furthermore, Ratio and TwoFold WordPress creative themes allow the user to use the font pack of Google, which means more than 600 fonts. Feel free to choose and make the theme becomes yours, make it harmonize with the photograph.

That the end of the similarity, now let’s talk about differences between Ratio and TwoFold.

Ratio WordPress creative theme

Ratio WordPress theme contains of ‘15 different homepages and tones of other portfolio, blog and inner page layouts’. I have to admit that their demos are very abundant and various. This shows that we can create a bunch of different themes and the users would not have to worry about collide websites or lack of options.


The next interesting point worth mentioning is that Ratio WordPress theme is compatible with Woocommerce plugin, which allows you to create a page for selling or what you call ecommerce. Along with designing and producing the items, you should have wanted to sell them to your potential customers if they happened to like the style of your company, right? Ratio theme comes without a collection of page layouts that you can choose from, there are 2 columns layouts to 5 columns ones, and each has many other options.


Editing your themes will be as easy and convenience as ever with Visual Composer, an amazing page builder plugin that allows you to build your website with just a few simple clicks and drag. You can add elements, drag and drop them anywhere you want in no time.


The developers of Ratio theme has caught up the trend of using shortcodes to build their themes, namely Crossfade Slider shortcode, Shop Masonry shortcode, Tooltip shortcode, Split Slider shortcode, Advanced Carousel shortcode, Video Button shortcode, Social Share shortcode and Elements Holder shortcode.

Importing Videos and Images to the background sections is another interesting feature. It will make your website looks more lively and unique. Moreover, it is very thoughtful of Ratio to include Child theme, a theme that inherits the functionality and styling of another theme, called the parent theme. Now the user and the developer can modify this theme without the fear of losing data.


I have finished talking about the Ratio theme, it’s time for TwoFold now.

TwoFold WordPress creative theme

TwoFold WordPress theme develop team put much attention on designing aspect, you might relize this pretty clearly since the description hardly mention the technical parameters such as widgets and plugins. Everything we see is just the overwhelming design and different kinds of layouts. With regards to the photo album, only grid style has two different options, masonry even has 3 styles. Homepage is also built up with many style, even the slider types are different in many ways.

Screenshot_9 Screenshot_8

One special point that caught my attention is the photo hover effects. When I moved my mouse through some display pictures, I stayed and played around, childish, yes but it was very interesting. Thanks to this incident, I realized that this could make the newbie of this website stay longer at one picture and have a closer look at the item.


Each time you transfer from one section to the other, the TwoFold logo page loads once, it feels like a phone application, not browsing website on the computer. And it loads very fast, under a second, so you won’t even feel it time consuming.


TwoFold WordPress theme supports you extremely well on creating a website for making a photo album. From importing images into the galleries, this theme will create an album for you and then it would even become a collection. Moreover, video users are also supported because you can upload a video like the way you upload a photo, easy and convenient.


The most special thing I notice about this website, an unregistered site, is the privacy issue. For instant, there are some photos you have uploaded but would not want to published yet, for attention may be, or you just simply uploaded it to free the space up, set a password will be very helpful. I have seen fansites of some artists did this and it was pretty effective.



This part won’t go long so you don’t have to worry. Though the designs are suitable for the website but it still bugs me that the Social Networking Sites icons placed at the end of the pages are too small. Following SNS might help the clients to update the news and information more effective than waiting for them to visit the website occasionally. For that reason, I expected that the icons were more visible.

Screenshot_13 Screenshot_14


Talking about prices then the $49 TwoFold theme is outweigh the theme $59 named Ratio. However, you should look at all the features that I have listed above to see why they are assigned these prices. TwoFold WordPress theme has compatible WooCommerce plugin and shortcodes so $10 higher is not worth mentioning here. The price of these two themes in comparison with the market is not expensive at all, and I think depend on the demands that people can choose a suitable theme for their websites with reasonable price.


I think that when you reach this line, you would already have the whole picture about this two themes. Let me summary the main differences between Ratio and TwoFold for you. Ratio theme supports selling items and promoting the company while TwoFold tends to display the photographs, the fruit of the artist. When looking at Ratio theme, you can see the neatly business feeling, whereas TwoFold brings more artistic feeling. Whether the theme is used for any purpose, I strongly believe that Ratio and TwoFold WordPress creative themes have done very well on the visual aspects.