Review: Nightly Mobile versus Sweipe WordPress Mobile theme

Nowadays, a smart phone or touch device is almost indispensable to a modern man. It is no need to talk about the appliances of the mobile devices, compact, convenient, but also full of features just as a laptop or PC. These are the reasons why businessmen choose smart phone as a means to promote their products. In addition to creating suitable web pages for desktop users, people also pay more attention to the WordPress themes version for mobile platforms, or even mainly built for mobile. Making a web page is less expensive and easier than develop an application. It is closer to the user that no time and storage are wasted downloading the app.


On the rise of themes for mobile, I would like to introduce to you two WordPress themes which were stormed the chart on themeforest last year. It’s Nightly Mobile by lukepostulka and Sweipe by MobiusStudio.



In terms of pricing, there are no different between Nightly Mobile and Sweipe themes since they both come with 6 months support at $39 and call for extra $11.70 for a year support. This is not an expensive price for theme like these, as far as I concern. Basically, there is nothing much to talk about pricing so let drive right in the technical features of Nightly and Sweipe.


On the introduction page, Nightly has pointed out that their builder’s a basic parameter setting tool. People can use other types of drag and drop page builder to edit the site easier, but it is not built within this plugin, so you may want to have it tested out the beforehand.


On this point, Sweipe is marginally better. Sweipe is integrated with Visual Composer, so editing a web page will be very convenient and easy. In case someone does not know, Visual Composer is a Drag and Drop page builder. With Drag and Drop page builder, you can edit your site by dragging and dropping the elements and no need to have any knowledge about coding at all. There were 10 custom integration modules developed and many built in modules included in this theme.

It’s 1/0 on Sweipe


Using Nightly, it means you have to run two parallel WordPress themes with the same content for your web page. You need to use a 3rd party plugin like Device Theme Switcher so that when the customers visit your website using mobile devices, the system will automatically switch to Nightly theme.

For Sweipe, this system is basically can be applied to both desktop and mobile versions. You build a mobile website platform and then with responsive layout, the desktop version will also show up as such on mobile. But I have to inform you that Sweipe was built mainly for the phone interface so it is more suitable to use with a touch screen device. On the desktop display, everything seems to be pulling more horizontally. Moreover, Sweipe is compatible with SEO so that your blog could get more viewers.

I would say 1-1 for both themes.


Referring to both themes, the Responsive layout is integrated and works really well. This means that no matter what your site is displayed on any device, the results are going to be very aesthetic. So I have to say there is no winner in this field just like the section above.


The design however, there IS a winner. Since Nightly have worked really hard on the designing, they deserve to earn the points. It has the app lookalike design. There are 9 styles for slide bar navigation, 7 for drop down, boxed and circle navigation. There are also 5 E-commerce styles for you to choose. All of these demos will be included once you purchase Nightly. There are time-saving setting sections that you just have to choose one or the others.


As for Sweipe, there is only one demo that MobileStudios gives out for reference. You can see it is a trendy style for blog thesedays.  The interesting feature is the hover double side bar which smoothen the animation of the page. It is very beautiful, though, we can barely imagine what Sweipe could do with its design and layout.

So it’s 0-1 for Nightly.


There are a few mobile WordPress themes that integrate with WooCommerce but both of these themes are. This may indicate that our two elite authors put much effort in making the themes great and perfect. Pictures of the shop are also very careful investment for customers wishing to use it. You can add items to cart without having the page refreshed.


However, with regards to the check out page, we can experience Sweipe’s page with full function as a desktop theme. The information needed to ship goods globally is very full and professional. But at the Nightly demo without any shadow of the page to check out the whole story, let alone to comment on the layout.

So, 1-0.5 in favor of Sweipe.


All in all, 4-3.5 is on Sweipe, not a big gap. This doesn’t mean Nightly is poorer function or what. The mark is just a number, or two… but it is important to know whether your demand suits which theme. One the one hand, Nightly themes is easier to set up and has many presets, suitable for simple users. Sweipe theme, on the other hand, has more setting features and more convenient to build. To me, both themes are gorgeous. What do you think?