Review: Kate + Jake and Merit the Wedding WordPress themes

Hi, it’s me.

Today, I’m gonna write a review about two other amazing WordPress themes, again (duh). If you haven’t read my other reviews about Blog/Magazine and Creative themes then you could read it here.

Surely in the recent years, lives around us have changed a lot, right? Everything becomes busier, and our relationship became more elusive. People live apart from their relatives and have little time to meet and talk to each other. But that cannot preclude us from loving and caring for each other, we still silently cheer for one another every day. So if you have something fun to share and want to invite friends and relatives to come to a, such as … a wedding ceremony, what will you do?


Now technology is very well developed and you can rely on WordPress to solve your headachy problem. Today I would like to introduce to everyone the two wedding themes which are trending on ThemeForest: Kate + Jake and Merit.


This review is based on familiar criteria: pricing and featuring (layouts and plugins)


With regards to prices, both themes have the price at $49, and the amount of money for 6 more month of support is the same at $14.07. I believe that this price is reasonable for such themes compared to other ones in the market. Released for more than a year compares to a few weeks, Merit seems to be outweigh Kate + Jake in the field of sales. But Kate + Jake are catching up fast since it is trending in themeforest’s ranking system. So it depends completely on your aesthetic, style and your demands to choose a theme. I hope that the sections below could somewhat help you make a decision.


Overview, Merit is integrated with more features than Kate + Jake, the layouts and sessions are also more complicated than Kate + Jake. However, there are many people love to use simple themes like Kate+Jake, so I’ll go through the special attractions of this two wedding theme.

Like other sites, both themes mentioned are built with Responsive layout, this means your contents will be displayed beautifully on different devices automatically. You can be assured that your wedding will look beautiful even in the virtual world.

The first notable point is that there is only one theme demo for each theme mentioned. There is only the possibility to change the color unlimitedly, so we will not consider the aspects of customizable in terms of shape of these two themes. The special thing about this is the homepages have many different sessions built to suit wedding theme styles such as the session introducing the bride and the groom, the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the link to the blog post, registers to attend ceremonies, etc.


Merit has one advantage point to Kate + Jake theme, which is it was integrated with a total of 9 different layout pages such as about us, history, blogs, contacts and so on. In the history page, the timeline format is very unique and beautiful. Meanwhile Kate + Jake has displayed all of the image information on the homepage, it only contains one added blog layout for blog posts.


Marriage is something personal, it basically does not mend to promote worldwide readers, so the website is made possible to be translated into the native language of the bride and groom are very essential. Thus, both Kate + Jake and Merit did well in this area as they are integrated translating tool into the theme.

In terms of options and customizable, we can setup Kate + Jake with 13 elements and Merit has 7 widgets to custom pages. The ability to post images on both themes is very great since the demand of a wedding website is to share the moments of the bride and groom.


Looking at the design here, you can clearly see the differences between these two themes. One is very daydreaming, from the color to the photo design style, while the remaining theme is very clear and somewhat serious. Kate + Jake looks as if it was a website of a artist, words on top of the image looks like a photoshop quote stocks, highly emotional. The animation parts are also smooth and wonderful.


As for Merit, as I said it feels more mature with a white background and text – image clearly defined. Nor do we see here much animation. The advantage of this theme is the information will be shown very clearly, especially when there are other individual content pages.


Last but not least, integrating google maps helps people from distance find the wedding places easier and more precisely. Both Kate + Jake and Merit did well with this since Kate + Jake theme links to google maps through buttons and Merit has google maps displayed straight on the footer of the website. Moreover, countdown clock is represented in different places on the themes.


That was the similarities between Merit and Kate + Jake. Now let’s move on and take a closer look at each theme and find out the special features of them.

Kate + Jake

The Gift Register section gives Kate + Jake wedding theme more meaningful usage. Everybody can purchase the wedding gifts easily and foremost, it suits the taste of the bride and groom.


An outstanding point of Kate + Jake is that we can setup the background music! By importing a youtube link or mp3player directly on the website, the romantic feeling will flood all over the places, Merit, however, do not have this ability.



To be honest, I think Merit outweighs Kate + Jake with more features included. First thing first, the great ability to adjust typography with more than 600 fonts available on Google brings you the chance to make this theme your. They use the drag and drop tool to build the page, therefore it will be very simple to edit the elements.


The developer does not forget using the most advanced tool of WordPress is that the theme was integrated with many shortcodes, which makes the content easier to edit. Oh and also Child Theme is used and if you do not know it, you can read here. I think it is enough for a wedding theme then.



All in all, through my analysis, you might already see the basic differences between these two themes. Ah, one more considerate point before I make my comment is that the demo of Kate + Jack theme illustrates the time before wedding, and the inclusion of Merit theme about is life after wedding. Interesting!

Kate + Jack theme has its strong point in the display, while Merit is stronger in the technical aspect. Obviously that you can turn Merit into an amazing website or make Kate + Jack becomes ultimately used with your own computer skill. If you love romantic and have high-faluting soul then Kate + Jack is an excellent choice. If you have higher command for the contents and WordPress’s abilities then Merit is the best choice for you.

Wish all the luck to lovely couples and hope you can choose your favorite theme!