Review: Happy Kids and Baby Kids – Stunning educational WordPress theme for children

As for the title, you must have already known the kind of theme I would talk about today. They are Education WordPress themes for children: Baby Kids and Happy Kids. What lovely names! Although their names are a little bit confused, the unique features which I will show below might help you distinguish them in no time.Screenshot_1

After a long break, I decided to write about something refreshing. Thus I tended to focus on reviewing WordPress themes for Children. Websites for children in Kindergarten and Primary School are essential to have since parents can update their children’s status at school through the Internet, at anywhere and anytime they like. Moreover, this will be one of best ways for the schools to promote and commerce themselves through videos and images of the students’ daily activities.



These two WordPress themes’ published dates were quite far from each other. Happy Kids was published on Feb, 2013 and Baby Kids on April, 2015; however, the number of sales for each theme is at about 2,300 sales. The actual prices are not a vast difference between Happy Kids and Baby Kids, with $44 and $49 respectively. In my opinion, these price are very reasonable and worth investing to create an intuitive communication environment for teachers and parents.


Some of the special features that both Baby Kids and Happy Kids have are the responsive layouts, WooCommerce compatible, the capability to be translated to other languages and various other customizable widgets and tools.


In details, the responsive layout has been ‘a must’ in the web design field recently, so it’s just a bonus point since both theme layouts work really well. Surprisingly, both themes integrate with Woocommerce with a full function page for selling things, from online courses to children goods.


Baby Kids and Happy Kids also have their WPML ready for any customers around the world to use. Since schooling at such young age seem to be national rather than international so it is a smart move of them to include this feature. Other interesting common points are these two themes can both be changed fonts and colors within a wide range of options.


Baby Kids shopping page


These two themes use the same building method as drag and drop tool. However, Happy Kids uses its own CWS page builder while Baby Kids uses Visual Composer. Basically, there are not many differences with the experiences you might have while using these page builders. They both let you to drag and drop your elements from places to places without lengthy codes.


CWS page builder


Visual Composer page builder


Right now, let’s dig deep into the design of each theme and see what makes them different from other Children theme out there in the market. 

Happy Kids

‘Happy Kids is a simple and clean, but still professional children WordPress Theme’
This is indeed a simple theme. All sections are shown on the very homepage so that the users can access to their favorite sections right away knowing whether there are new information or not. Obviously the top bar can also do the job but by scrolling down to the page, we can see all the news going on and check if we miss any important news.
One interesting feature is that we can now import Happy Kids’ demo with only one-click. Isn’t that easy? The plugin included will get rid of all the hardness if you are fond of the demo and just want to make slight changes to it.


In each type of layout, there are options which can be changed to fit various purposes and your taste. For examples, the ‘features’ and the ‘portfolio’ pages show pictures and descriptions in two different ways. One can zoom in and out and one cannot.


The former one is surely used for a portfolio page when you can display your artworks and give people a closer look at them. Meanwhile the later could be used as a lively about page with images and texts harmony with each other. You could explore more options and different layouts by yourself and see what Happy Kids can do for you.


Another striking feature that we have to mention is the Shopping page. This page, on the demo however, has only one layout option, that the side bar is on the right and there are three main columns. The check out and cart pages go pretty much the same.


But this is only the demo, you can custom your theme without any limitation, please bare that in mind. The items will be import immediately to the cart after one click without refreshing the page. We can also see that the Check out page is fully functioned with adequate options for purchasing even international.

Baby Kids

Baby kids wordpress theme is professionally built for school,kindergarten,pre-school,elementary school and other education related fields. It is easy to customize and fully optimized for search engines. With this theme you will get free plugins like visual composer,slider revolution and time table. It is compatible to mailchimp and integrated with woocommerce,contactform7. You can set your favourite palette color easily in Theme option color settings. With this theme, you can sell services such as courses, educational packages etc.


Baby Kids Theme is also suitable for any educational activities and, with the colorful design, it is ideal for toys stores, activities related to children too. Baby Kids can be adapted to any kind of industry – not only educational but also babysitting and summer camps for example – and much more thank to the super flexible and fully responsive design. All pages are optimized in order to perform, in a simple and fast way, any customization. Thanks to the many customization options offered by the theme, Baby Kids is perfect in more fields and areas.


This theme utilizes the Visual Composer plugin, so you can drag and drop elements to create your perfect homepage, contact page and more. Plus with built-in custom post types for events, teachers, excursions, courses and more it’s easy to add all of your program’s information to your site.


Another great feature of this theme is the included Time Table for WordPress. This plugin makes it easy to schedule and color code your courses or classes accordingly. This makes it easy for parents to see what you offer and when.


Baby Kids also includes great features for unlimited color options, footer options, events pages, teacher profiles, masonry blog and more.

Final Thoughts

Though both themes serve the same purpose which is educational, they have distinguished prominent features that can suit most of your demands to a kid schooling site. In my opinion, Baby Kids can bring you slightly more options such as timetable and the overall design is colorful but serious enough. Happy Kids, whereas have a lively design which can suit children the best. I, myself prefer the shopping page of Happy Kids to Baby Kids since it is more kid-like than a clothing shop. Each theme has a unique concept that I hope you can choose one for yourself and make an awesome page for your school.