Review: Amory vs Sukawati blog WordPress theme

In this series, I will gradually review two similar purpose themes among different types of WordPress theme out there in the market. First of all, when talking about WordPress, we will initially think of the word ‘blog’; nevertheless, my first review is about the two raising Blog/Magazine WordPress themes on this month: Amory and Sukawati blog WordPress theme. This review will look into some of their main features so that you can make the decision whether Amory or Sukawati theme is the best theme for you.



At first sight, we can see that Amory theme and Sukawati theme have the same design impression. They seem to be very daydreaming but in fact, still rich of information. So what make them different from each other and what will be the best theme for your website? This review will be considered under some criteria: features, support and pricing to answer your questions.



Let’s jump right into the most important part which contributes a theme, the layout. Both themes have 6 demos with different customize options. As for Amory theme, along with the default demo, there are grid version, full width version, dark version, minimal version and boxed one. All 6 layouts have the same style of the overall design but you will find it suitable for both girly and manly, hipster design.  Slightly different, Sukawati’s 6 demos were built based on various layout presets for headers, sliders and blog contents. Therefore, you could combine those layouts freely to create a unique website just for you. One more thing, Amory and Sukawati WordPress theme support Full Width layout so that the information can be displayed very clearly and adequately.


Another feature is that both themes mentioned are high resolution themes with responsive mode. By this I mean your web page will look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones), it will resize automatically to fit your screen resolution. Though this is not an outstanding feature for themes nowadays in general, both Amory and Sukawati themes work well and beautifully.


Next, we will talk about the compatible social network sites for these two themes. Both of them have a icon panel to display the social media’s logo of the owner. Pictures from the Instagrams account of the user are display right on the website in an individual section but Amory theme has its own facebook feed on the side, unlike Sukawati theme’s icon panel.


Now let move to some of the differences between these two. First, let’s talk about Amory theme. A special point about Amory theme is that it can embed the multimedia directly into the website. Moreover, with the using of the shortcodes, it will be easier to manage and adjust this theme in general.  When it comes to advertising, an important element of any successful content focused site in today’s market, Amory comes complete with widgets developed specifically for Google Ad blocks. Furthermore, SEO feature of Amory theme is also developed whereas Sukawati theme’s was not even mentioned in the description. This might be because Amory theme tends to display photographs and fashions, the things that some of its users want to share with the whole world.


As for Sukawati WordPress theme, its striking point is the ability to be translated to different languages with RTL support. It will be very convenience if the owner wants to aim towards certain readers from a particular country that do not speak English. The most interesting point is that Sukawati theme supports WooCommerce, a plugin which allows the users to create a small e-commerce website. Now besides the sharing information goal, if you purchased Sukawati theme, profit would also be earned thanks to it. That’s a way to have the cake and eat it, too.


It seems like that only Sukawati theme can switch fonts basing on Google font list. Amory theme users cannot do this since everything is set as default. The last thing I would like to mention here is a small floating box recommending related posts to the readers. This might seem unimportant but would help a lot with the increase of viewer rates in the long run.


Another vital aspect worth mentioning is the support team. When you spend an amount of money to purchase a product, obviously you would want the best services in return, right? As I see, the support teams of these two themes are both very responsive to their customers. Good attitudes seen when answer and the feedbacks from clients who are helped by these support teams, I don’t think you have to worry a bit about facing difficulties when deciding to purchase and using any of these themes.


Released on May 13th, 2016, Amory WordPress theme has been sold 86 times in comparison with 36 times of Sukawati theme released on May 23nd, 2016. This has shown that purchasing power of Amory WordPress theme is slightly higher than the other one. As shown on the website, the regular prices of Amory theme and Sukawati theme are not so different with $44 and $59 respectively. So why did this circumstance happened? For obvious reason, the price for Amory theme is much lower than Sukawati’s. Moreover, Amory developers seem to have more ‘reputation’ in their portfolio. Not all the users out there are good at computer science. They come and find themes those were made since they did not know how to create one and to save time, thus easy to use and simple theme like Amory might be a better choice then.


In this showdown between Amory and Sukawati WordPress theme, there is no real winner since it depends on what you want to achieve, what you aim for building a website, what kind of page builders suiting you, and your ability. Therefore, I suggest that you should try the demos and consider carefully before purchasing your best theme.

All the best!